What are the exam credits?

Exam credits are required to use the exam mode. You can purchase credits individually. Every time you start an exam, 1 exam credit will be debited from your account.

I have an active package but the Study / Exam mode doesn’t load?

You can log in from anywhere as long as you are using the same computer/device/tab/mobile, which you have used during your initial registration.

The use of this software is restricted and is your user agreement prohibits using it on more than 2 devices.

Can I work in offline mode?

Being monitored from our server, you have to be connected to the Internet to access and use the facilities of the site.

Victor Tango Study & Exam mode is available for you 24 x7.

You can prepare from anywhere anytime you want on the go from your mobile phone web browser.

Can I report an error in a question?

Yes, though our expert aviator teams have done due diligence on the questions in the system. It could be possible that there could be an error, which would have been overlooked.

We rely on the user to help us improve the system so that other students can benefit from the same.

Some of the questions and answer choices are ambiguous. This is how they appear in the exams, so we have resisted the temptation to improve them.

You can inform us of the error from the Study or Exam mode directly, you will see a Report Error button in all the questions. You can click on the same and select the type of incorrectness you have identified; also you can explain the same by writing detailed information in the text area provided and submit this.

You can also; write an email to us at info@victortango.co and we will get our expert aviators to review the question.

I cannot see the pricing / buy the packages?

You will need to signup with us, to purchase available packages. Just go to your account; you will be able to log in and access your account even if your subscription has expired.

Can I share access to my account?

No, your user agreement prohibits multiple user access; your account is for your personal use only. Please don’t be tempted to try and abuse this.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

As of now, we do not provide any option for the cancellation of products and/or services you have purchased or subscribed to. We do not provide any refund, either totally or partially.

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