A hand-crafted list of books which we recommend a student studying for DGCA ATPL pilot exams should refer to. These books will be a lifetime collection and will be very helpful during command training in an airline.

ATPL Pilot Exams

Air Navigation for ATPL Pilot Exams

Book NameAuthor
Flight Performance & Planning 1Oxford
Flight Performance & Planning 2 (FP & M)Oxford
Ground Studies for Pilots – NavigationUnderdown& Palmer
JAR ATPL & CPL General NavigationKeith Williams
Mass & Balance Flight Performance and PlanningNordian
Navigation – 1 General NavigationOxford
Navigation for PilotJE Hitchcock
Operational ProceduresNordian
Operational ProceduresOxford

Meteorology for ATPL Pilot Exams

Book NameAuthor
Aviation MeteorologyIC Joshi
Ground Studies for Pilots – MeteorologyUnderdown & Standen
Meteorology for PilotMike Wickson

Radio Aids & Instruments for ATPL Pilot Exams

Book NameAuthor
Aircraft General Knowledge 4Oxford
Avionics and Flight Management for the Professional PilotDavid Robson
Flight Instrument and Automatic Flight Control SystemsDavid Harries
Ground Studies for Pilots – Flight Instruments and Automatic Flight Control SystemsDavid Harris
Ground Studies for Pilots – Radio AidsUnderdown& Cockburn
Instrumentation KnowledgeAircraftGeneralNordian
JAR ATPL(A) and CPL(A) InstrumentsKeith Williams
Navigation – 2 Radio NavigationOxford
Radio Navigation and Instrument FlyingTrevor Thom

Air Regulation for ATPL Pilot Exams

Book NameAuthor
Air LawOxford
Air RegulationsRK Bali
Air Law and ATC ProceduresNordian
Air Regulations for PilotsV Krishnan & AK Chopra
Aircraft Act 1934India
Aircraft Rules 1920, 1937, 1954 & 2003India
DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR)DGCA
Human Performance & LimitationsNordian
Human Performance & LimitationsOxford

Technical General for ATPL Pilot Exams

Book NameAuthor
Aircraft General Knowledge 1Oxford
Aircraft General Knowledge 2Oxford
Aircraft General Knowledge 3Oxford
Airframe and SystemsNordian
Airframes and Systems Aircraft General KnowledgeNordian
Electrics Aircraft General KnowledgeNordian
JAR ATPL & CPL Principles of FlightKeith Williams
Powerplant Aircraft General KnowledgeNordian
Principle of FlightNordian
Principle of FlightOxford

The candidates are advised to refer to the relevant topics as per the prescribed syllabus in the CAR., covered in the above reference books for the particular category of pilot license examination, they desirous to appear for.

Central Examination Organization (DGCA)