Cleared your papers, now it’s time to prepare for your DGCA VIVA.

Let’s be clear, there is no syllabus by DGCA for the viva, and you need to be prepared for any question under the sky.

So what we have done special for DGCA Viva?

We regularly collect the questions asked from students who current and previously appeared for the DGCA viva and made a unique question bank.

To help you study accurately, we have also devised the apt answers that will satisfy the invigilator.

Benefits of VT’s – DGCA Viva IntelliPrep

  • Updated questions till the last viva held
  • Accurate & apt answers curated by our aviation experts
  • Highlighted Keywords
  • Reference links for additional learning
  • Analyze your answer with the correct answer
  • Question-based timer for understanding which questions need more attention
  • Do multiple revisions

What should I buy? Do I need to buy each subject individually?

No, the ATPL Viva package is an ALL INCLUSIVE 3 subject package, to give you overall coverage.

NavigationRadio Aids & InstrumentsAircraft Specific
Approach & Enroute Charts
ATR / Q 400
Subjects for DGCA Viva

What is aircraft specific questions?

Sometimes, the invigilator may ask you specific question for your aircraft type. It could be technical or performance related. Our Aviation experts are trying to build as many as questions possible and their related answers from authentic sources.

Since you have the required books of your particular aircraft, its suggested that you learn and answer as per your aircraft.

What are the invigilators expecting?

Viva is not about speed and more about accuracy, so don’t be in a hurry to answer, take your time to think what is the question.

KISS answers are key to success! (FYI KISS : Keep It Short & Simple)

How to use?

  1. Select your subject
  2. Start your Viva Prep, feel free to leave it at any point, the system will memorize the last question studied and will resume the next time you return.
  3. The progress bar on the top will assist you in how much you have completed.
  4. The timer will assist you in how much time you required to answer the specific question.
  5. There is a box, for you to write down your thoughts and answer.
  6. Click on Show Answer, to see the appropriate answer.
  7. Compare your answer with ours, also analyze what you answered correctly and what you missed, and try to learn that.
  8. Remember and learn the words, which are highlighted, since these are keywords that are required.
  9. We have also, curated few reference links for you to dive deep into a particular topic, which you might want to know more about. These links are selected by our Aviation Instructors who have taken the effort to consolidate these for your benefit.